Established for almost 30 years, Preston Plastics specialises in the recovery, recycling and reprocessing of a wide range of post-industrial plastic waste.

We collect plastic waste from businesses and organisations across the UK, from all sectors including packaging, manufacturing, engineering, medical, food and beverage and local authority.

We operate a fully permitted and accredited treatment facility and boast one of the most modern plastic reprocessing plants in the UK, operating 24/7. We continually invest in our people, plant and machinery to ensure we remain a leading player in our field.

Our recycled plastic granulate and compound is used to substitute prime virgin materials, or used within a blend to reduce ever increasing raw material costs. Waste is then converted back for use within the industry for new products and mouldings, creating true resource efficiency and closing the loop on waste.

But we’re far more than just a recycling business. We work in partnership with our customers to provide genuine environmental consultancy to help our customers improve recycling rates and ensure regulatory compliance.