Waste Plastic Collection Service

We buy and collect a broad range of polymers along with other post-industry plastics – and we pay promptly, so our suppliers soon see the benefits.

Our fleet of specialist vehicles are operated by professionally trained drivers who ensure our waste collection process runs smoothly, cost-efficiently and hassle-free.

Our comprehensive service is delivered by specialist equipment

We manage all aspects of waste collection including the removal of LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, ABS and HIPS in all formats.

Using roll-on/roll-off skips, curtain-sided trailers, magnums, dolavs and other purpose-built containers, our drivers collect bales, reels, sheet, mouldings, crates, bins and plastic tanks direct from your site.

Our commitment to efficient collection is underlined by our continued investment in new vehicles – including lorries, wagons and trailers.

Flexibility is key

We collect on a one-off or an ongoing basis. And if the volume of a particular waste stream is relatively low, we will put in place a skip or container that enables you to segregate the low volume material.

In this way, we provide a clean and effective environment to separate the waste in a way that adheres to fire and safety and waste regulations, while boosting business efficiency.