Lancashire-based plastic recycling business Preston Plastics has invested £300,000 in its vehicle fleet and new equipment as it capitalises on increased demand from the industry.

The business, which operates one of the UK’s leading plastic reprocessing facilities at Out Rawcliffe, near Garstang, believes greater knowledge among plastic producers on what can be recycled is driving greater demand.

The company has just procured two new vehicles – an articulated lorry with 45 ft trailer and an eight wheel hook lift loader wagon. It has also purchased two new forklift trucks, complete with fully specified cabs and specialist loading attachments, which brings the total to seven forklifts located on site.

In addition Preston Plastics has bought 10 new 40 cubic yard hooklift containers, to deal with the extra 100 tonnes of material it will be receiving from its suppliers every week.

Edgar Wallace, managing director of Preston Plastics, said: “We have done a lot of work with suppliers and customers to give them more knowledge about what types of plastic we can handle, which is helping divert more waste from landfill. Waste is becoming an ever more valuable commodity, so we’re also seeing greater demand for plastic recycling generally within the industry.

“We’re collecting waste from right across the country and this latest investment in vehicles and equipment ensures we can continue to serve our customers to the best of our ability.”

Preston Plastics’ state-of-the-art recycling plant operates 24-hours a day, collecting and processing a wide variety of waste plastics from across the UK from sectors including packaging, medical, building and construction, and automotive.

Using the latest technology, the waste is converted into quality reprocessed plastic compound which is sold back to the plastics industry to be used in the manufacture of a wide array of products, such as plastic storage boxes, paint trays, car bumpers and plant pots.

The business, which employs 25 full time staff, exports 60 per cent of its products into European markets.