Environmental Management

In today’s highly regulated and environmentally sensitive business world, it is vital to effectively manage waste, quality, and environmental issues along with health & safety requirements.

Corporate social responsibility is an obligation that we take very seriously. It means we manage all our business operations to the highest possible standard.

Our audit trail is transparent and rigorously monitored, enabling our customers to see precisely what happens to their waste. Our round-the-clock service means customers can use our facilities knowing for sure that we deliver complete regulatory compliance.

We manage our manufacturing units with an uncompromising approach to maintaining industry standards and use best practice to maintain our unblemished regulatory and environmental record.

Each of our facilities has the required licenses and permits run its specific operations. In addition we are Environment Agency-registered as accredited reprocessers and exporters.  This means we can issue both Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) and Packaging Export Recovery Notes (PERNs).

At Preston Plastics we constantly enhance our environmental performance by regularly benchmarking and reviewing our management systems.

Our end-to-end service offer allows us to minimise environmental impact and deliver quality recycled and virgin products that make a significant contribution to the UK’s low carbon economy.