Toll Reprocessing Service

Our toll-based service takes away your scrap plastic and reprocesses it, boosting your productivity and improving your bottom line.

By harnessing our technical skills and industry experience you can drive profitability, while underscoring your green credentials.

As experts in thermoplastic materials, we offer toll regrinding and granulating services to moulders without on-site facilities.

In addition, larger manufacturers needing quick turnarounds of substantial volumes of plastic waste find our toll service cost-effective and operationally efficient.

Our quality control systems, extensive capacity and flexible approach mean we provide a first class end-to-end service with high-yield product delivered back to the customer.

Every stage of processing is carried out at our state-of-the-art plant. We control the segregation and reprocessing of your waste to create fresh opportunities for reducing costs, without comprising the quality of the end-product.