Environmental Advisory

We strongly believe that engaging with plastic producers on the increasingly broad range of recyclable material is a commercially sound and socially responsible activity.

Raising efficiency, reducing carbon

Advising on environmental regulatory issues drives significant business efficiencies for manufacturers, while helping to build the UK’s low carbon economy.

So we offer moulders and other producers of scrap plastic free consultation and the option to have their waste materials collected and reprocessed for re-use in a variety of products. These include paint trays, vacuum thermoform sheet, electrical housing units, cores, packaging and car parts.

Practical advice leading to tangible benefits

We offer professional advice on:

  • Practical waste management
  • Practical recycling for waste plastics
  • Waste minimisation
  • Markets for waste materials

Finding a tailored solution for your business

As part of the advisory process, we meet waste producing businesses to understand their issues, assess their waste value and agree timeframes.

We then present our solution, along with an evaluation of how it will affect operational activity, and suggest appropriate changes.

We are working with a range of businesses with a vested interest finding value in their waste and turning it into resources. These are genuinely symbiotic relationships and the broader the waste streams we can recycle, the greater the benefits to all stakeholders.